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 Company List

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PostSubject: Company List   Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:10 am

Here is a list with all the companies and their idol's (groups), actresses, actors, managers, make up artists, producers and other artists and special positions at companies under the companies name. If you change company or get into one as something use the code below and reply to this post. You can also start your own company.

Mixx Entertainment (specialized in music and movies)
Spot open - Founder

4U (Girls)
Spot open - Manager
Spot open - Leader, main vocals
Spot open - Lead dancer, lead vocals
Spot open - Maknae, main dancer

Star Media (specialized in movies/soaps)
Spot open - Founder

WeDream Entertainment (specialized in music and modeling)
Spot open - Founder
Ahn kyu min - Trainee(idol), Songwriter

SeoulTop Theater (specialized in different forms of entertainment)
Spot open - Founder

Revolution Pictures (specialized in modeling)
Spot open - Founder
Hae Mi ya - Model, Ulzzang

Audvio Media (specialized in movies/soaps/television shows and voice-acting)
Spot open - Founder

TM Entertainment (specialized in music, modeling and movies)
Spot open - Founder

Register position
[b]Character name:[/b] full name of character
[b]Stage name:[/b] Stage name if you have one
[b]Position:[/b] What are you? model/actor/make-up artist/idol/scriptwriter/something else?
[b]Extra:[/b] idolGroup name/tv show name/other

Register company
[b]Founder:[/b] full name of character
[b]Name:[/b] Name of company
[b]Specialized:[/b] specialized in?
[b]Extra:[/b] Write a story about how the company was born and where in seoul the company building is
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Company List
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